25 for Active Suffolk physical activity challenge launching this summer!
July 28, 2021
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A new physical activity challenge is launching next month as part of Active Suffolk’s 25th birthday celebrations, encouraging local people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to be active this summer!

Over the last few months, Active Suffolk have acknowledged their 25th year with the We Are…campaign which has celebrated many of their partnerships and achievements from over the years. Now, the campaign led by the local Active Partnership is coming to a close, where stories from those across the county who are active are being shared to inspire others to get involved in the 25 for Active Suffolk summer challenge.

The challenge which will run from 23 August-17 September, invites individuals across Suffolk to participate in 25 days of activity, whether that be a short walk, gardening, a swim, or dancing in the living room to your favourite tunes – all activity counts!

Whilst adults are invited to track daily movement on Active Suffolk’s new online activity tracker, fun 25 for Active Suffolk challenge cards have been designed to involve children across the county too!

Gareth Davies, Director at Active Suffolk said:

“The We Are…campaign has been well received by our partners and has successfully showcased some of Active Suffolk’s key achievements over the last 25 years. We are incredibly excited to launch this final phase of the campaign which aims to support and encourage local people to be active during the summer.
The 25 For Active Suffolk activity challenge offers Suffolk residents the opportunity to set their own physical activity goals over a 25-day period, supporting local people to try new things, increase everyday movement and get back to activity following the pandemic.

The addition of the 25 For Active Suffolk activity cards, which have been designed for children in Suffolk, are a result of the huge success our Activity Bingo cards had during National School Sports Week last month.”

More than 8,000 pupils from 47 schools across Suffolk participated in the Activity Bingo during National School Sports Week last month. This summer’s activity challenge will encourage children to continue with activity outside of school where those that submit their completed challenge will be sent a medal for their achievements.

The 25 for Active Suffolk online challenge for adults across Suffolk will run from 23 August -17 September where those signed up will be supported and encouraged to log activity of choice for 25 consecutive days, where there will be the chance to win in a prize draw.

More information can be found at www.activesuffolk.org
The 25 for Active Suffolk challenge cards invite young people across Suffolk to participate in any 25 days of activity before 30th September. Visit one of the listed locations to pick up your child’s activity cards from Friday 23rd July:

Kingfisher Leisure Centre, Sudbury
Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre
Newmarket Leisure Centre
Haverhill Leisure Centre
Hadleigh Pool & Leisure
Mildenhall Hub
Felixstowe Library
Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, Stowmarket
Stradbroke Swim and Fitness Centre
Waterlane Leisure Centre, lowestoft
Waveney Valley Leisure Centre, Bungay
Ipswich Library

Alternatively, our challenge card can be downloaded at www.activesuffolk.org/we-are

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