4 tips that can keep you from living a sedentary life
June 18, 2021
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Though the sedentary lifestyle may be comfortable at the moment, it may lead to alarming consequences in the future.

Based on this report on inactivity, people who spend most of their time sitting are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. How many hours do you remain seated while you’re working from home? As a remote worker, you might be sitting more and getting to move less.

Our bodies were made for movement, which is why we can work better when we move.

Despite the circumstances, remote workers can combat the sedentary lifestyle and get healthy by following these tips.

Make Room for Exercise
It’s a lot harder to separate work from personal activities when you work and live at home. But you need to set some boundaries and carve out time for exercise, now more than ever.

To improve or maintain your health, commit to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises, such as walking, yoga, or pilates, every week. That’s just 30 minutes of movement five days out of the week Alternatively, you can schedule in 75 minutes of high-intensity workouts spread throughout the week, such as HIIT exercises or sprinting.

Our feature on cycling points out that it is a great exercise that can also be enjoyed by individuals from all ages and all levels of fitness. However, if you don’t have a bike or any workout tools, try guided bodyweight workouts from YouTube or fitness apps like Nike Training Club or Freeletics.

Take a Break
Remote work tends to blur the boundaries between your work and home life. When this happens, you might forget to take proper breaks that allow you to relax in and enjoy your home. This is why you also need to schedule in breaks throughout the day, make an alarm for it if necessary.

This article points out that taking breaks is good for your mental health. You can practise this by taking a proper lunch break and eating away from your desk area, so you’re not always stuck to your desk. You can also combat the sedentary lifestyle by walking for five minutes every hour or by inserting a quick ten-minute workout in between projects.

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Use a Standing Desk
Remote workers can prevent inactivity by switching between standing and sitting throughout the day. You can find a better balance between the two by getting yourself a standing desk.

This guide on standing desks states that the height of these tables can be adjusted properly so that you can easily switch between sitting down and standing up. You can also do walking or desk exercises while working with the use of a standing desk. Even the simple act of standing up can burn 88 calories per hour as compared to the calories you burn while you’re sitting!

Do Some Stretching
Being desk-bound makes you prone to experiencing back pain, stiff neck, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretching during or after work will not only soothe you and help you unwind, it can also reduce injuries that are caused by prolonged sitting. These will improve your body’s circulation and even help you feel more focused.

According to this column on stretching, you can stretch your neck by moving your head up and down before turning from side to side. You can also stretch your shoulders by rolling them forward and backward.

Finally, relieve the tension from your wrists by interlocking your fingers before pushing your palms forward. It is recommended that you do these stretches every two hours to avoid discomfort and injury. You can actively avoid the sedentary lifestyle by making time for stretches, exercises, and breaks.

Even with a busy work-from-home life, make time for these healthy practices and improve the quality of both your work and your life.

Exclusively written for Keep Moving Suffolk
by Jordin Brett

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