A trouble shared is a trouble halved
October 28, 2020
Senior couple walking in forest



Whoever would have thought when this all started back in March, that all our lives would be affected for so long?

Worries about your job; how you are going to pay the bills; not seeing your friends and family and generally living with the uncertainty of what lies ahead, can all add to the instability of our mental health.

I know for one that I am struggling at times and have had days when I feel really miserable.
(yes it’s true, the girly that WHOOP WHOOPS her way through life needs a helping hand at times).

In truth, we all do! 

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder and wetter,  it will become a PRIORITY to look after ourselves, both mentally and physically and that’s why we need to KEEP MOVING SUFFOLK 😊

Exercise can take many forms, so find something you enjoy which brings a smile to your face is the most important thing.

The last few weeks I have been transforming the lawned front garden into a flower bed for our elderly neighbour and whilst it was a tough work out, digging it all, it was worth my sweat and tears to see the big smile I brought to an old mans face…PRICELESS 😍

Baz and I continue to run, but we make sure we stay safe by dressing in bright colours so that we are easily seen. It is also important to keep those extremities warm so wear gloves and a hat to conserve your heat. Whilst it may no longer be hot, it is still important to hydrate well too, so keep drinking fluids.

We are also enjoying our weight training, this keeps our core strong and never fails to bring a smile to my face, go on give it a try (no flabby arms for me now)😉

Lastly, remember that we all need a little helping hand at the moment, often those with the biggest smiles are the ones that need a virtual hug, so how about inviting them out for a socially distanced walk in the fresh air?

A trouble shared is a trouble halved!

Stay safe everyone and give yourself the best chance to stay healthy and happy.


Baz and Bridget Goldstone out running

Bridget Goldstone and husband Baz out running

Bridget doing weight training

Bridget weight training at home with a smile on her face!

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