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November 25, 2020
Picture of group of runners in Run Talk Run at Ipswich waterfront


Mental health is a cause I love, and I have been passionate about helping others since my recovery.

In the past I have supported through Movemeber, Miles for Mind, Lost Hours Calm Walk, all of which have a common theme; movement.

I am also a peer2peer support volunteer in my workplace which offers all colleagues an anonymous listening service.

Fortunately, talking and running have saved my life.

I recently decided to setup Run Talk Run – Ipswich, after following this wonderful community online and seeing how much it was helping others, it made sense to combine my passion for helping others, a love for getting outdoors come rain or shine, and my peer2peer experience – I couldn’t help but think “let’s have some of that for Ipswich” it might even help me.

My personal experience with mental health was severe anxiety and mild depression – only on good days.

For a long time, I was unaware what I was experiencing and neither did anyone else; I managed to go to work and perform well – I function better in a routine & under-pressure (hiding so many worries was constant pressure). The smallest unexpected change in any scenario would cause all sorts of mayhem – my heart and mind would race uncontrollably. My thoughts always focused on the worst-case scenario – this was so damaging to me because it led me down those dark paths of suicidal thoughts to escape.

I didn’t want to die honestly,  but it felt the only safe space. It affected my life so much until I asked for help, I acknowledged it would be hard, but I kept telling myself things could only get better.

Recovery is long term, and I still have my bad days but I have become so much more aware of my triggers and also my sticky plasters; Being Active (Brisk Walking counts), Giving (not always financially either), Mindfulness (Taking Notice), Connection (Who hasn’t been on a Lockdown Zoom?) and finally Learning (especially combining it with something fun – a new blondie recipe yum)

Every Wednesday I “GIVE” my time to host Run Talk Run Ipswich where I “CONNECT” with 11 other strangers and we “GET ACTIVE” running 5KM as a group at the pace of the slowest runner. I would love to see some new faces at Run Talk Run Ipswich to connect with, even better for it to be over-subscribed and we need to set up a new session.

I would also be happy to help someone set up a new Run Talk Run in Suffolk. The onboarding process is super easy and there is lots of support from the founder Jess Robson.

Run Talk Run is a mental health support group first and a running club second. Whether you want to feel heard, be there to listen to others, or just have some friendly company whilst you exercise, Run Talk Run is an inclusive, welcoming and safe space, with support at the forefront.

Run Talk Run is a free weekly 5km jog for ALL abilities and a confidential space to share your good days, your bad days, or anything in-between.

Find out more at

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Currently, the sessions are ‘paused’ due to Covid19 guidelines, during the national lockdown, but we will resume the first Wednesday after any lockdown ends (subject to not being in a tier3 category lockdown also).


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