Anyone can achieve anything
June 9, 2020


Whoop whoop!

Just starting week 12 of lockdown and time for me to reflect on the past week.

This has seen quite a big change for me personally as for the first time since lockdown started, the rules have been relaxed for high-risk people as we are now allowed to exercise away from our home.

Baz and I are extremely fortunate to live in beautiful countryside and so last Monday I was able to venture out and join Baz for a 7.5K run…OMG… it was great to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery such as the fields of golden yellow rape and we even saw a herd of deer run right across the path in front of us…how lucky are we? 😊 😊

I must admit although Suffolk is supposed to be flat, the run was soon getting my heart pounding as I pushed myself up the hills!  Very different from the circuits of the garden I have been doing since the start of lockdown.

It reminded me of the need to have those constant conversations with myself In my head, the need to keep telling myself I CAN do this and to stop listening to the chimp on my shoulder that says “it’s tough, it hurts, you can’t do this”

ANYONE CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING…just believe in yourself and allow yourself to be a beginner, we all have to start somewhere and even if you can’t see the physical difference in your body, every single step you take to being more active will have nothing but a positive impact on your life…I promise you!

It was great to be out running again with Baz and there is no doubt in my mind that running is one of the best anti-depressants I know, it lifts your spirits and in these uncertain times it has certainly helped me to cope.

It was my 60th Birthday yesterday (7 June)

Before COVID-19 I had so many celebrations planned and I could have been quite miserable about my plans being put on hold, especially as it was all going to be so glam!

Whoop whoop, new hairdo, new nails, new slinky outfit…and I was going to spend the day POPPING THE PROSECCO with good friends 🍾🍾 .

The reality was, I have my short unpainted nails, my lovely grey roots coming through and do you know what I did?

I said to myself, this IS going to be a fabulous 60th Birthday!

I couldn’t POP the Prosecco with friends as planned, so instead, I POPPED on my brightest pink trademark lipstick, I POPPED on my running shoes and Baz and I went out together and we enjoyed a lovely 6-mile run…a mile to celebrate every decade of my life!

And I felt proud to celebrate my special day in such a positive healthy way and I ended up having a brilliant birthday as Baz made me feel so special.

Those first tentative steps are never easy but if by sharing my blog I can help you to enjoy a more active lifestyle and get even half the enjoyment from running that I do, then I will be a very happy 60-year-old 😊 😊

The photo below is when I had just finished my run and with my birthday cake featuring the ‘glam me’ 🤣 🤣 😉

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