I have a new mantra…Be kind to myself
May 20, 2020



Whoop whoop!

I have a new mantra…BE KIND TO MYSELF!

Times aren’t easy right now…I’m used to exercising with large groups of people so there is a social element too and for those who know me I like nothing better than my bright pink lipstick, immaculate hairdo and painted nails. If I look good I feel better about working out 😉

Right now I have grey roots, stumpy nails and yet I still put on my lipstick because although I am a high-risk person and confined to the garden, the only person to see me is my husband Baz!

It’s time to keep myself moving and motivated during the lockdown, especially because of my transplant, I’m really aware of the benefits of keeping myself as healthy as possible during this time, not only for my physical health but my mental wellbeing too.

I know through personal experience, many people are struggling with anxiety and stress even more than usual at the moment. My dear mum who is in a nursing home is never out of my mind and I know by exercising regularly it will keep me mentally stronger.

I start my morning by setting myself a daily goal, usually, this is a minimum of 10,000 steps. When you are setting goals it is so important to keep them realistic and achievable but at the same time challenging.

Running around the garden isn’t quite the same as the beautiful countryside runs that I usually enjoy but it still counts and I’m chuffed to bits that I achieved over 100,000 steps last week, equating to over 15,000 steps a day, whoop whoop!

I know I need to praise myself for what I HAVE achieved (rather than focus on what I COULD have done) and every single bit of exercise counts, so join me and congratulate yourself (if it was easy everyone would do it ) 😉👏👏

I know that because I am so restricted right now I need to keep exercise fun, so I’ve found an old skipping rope and I’m transforming myself back to my childhood, enjoying singing the old skipping rhymes…who remembers ‘Jelly on the plate, jelly on the plate, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on the plate’?

Oh, how I laugh!

Another favourite for me right now is tuning in to MR MOTIVATOR on breakfast TV, who remembers him from the 90s? Suddenly I am back being 30 years old and enjoying my retro workouts.

So I can report another good week and I know I wouldn’t have achieved this if I’d chosen to sit on my bottom. I need exercise to keep me positive and knowing we will all come out of this stronger and valuing what really matters…’Your health and special people in your life’

Stay safe everyone!

And know that if I can keep going, you can too 😘🌈🌈


Bridget taking part in the 2018 Great East Run

Bridget and Baz on one of their much loved runs

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