Running before the world wakes up
May 30, 2020



I have always enjoyed getting up early,  lacing up my trainers and hitting the road before most people are even out of bed.

I think this stems back to when I was a full-time athlete and wanted to get my morning run in before getting back, changing and taking the boys to school, old habits never change especially this time of year when the sun is beaming through the curtains at 05:00!

By getting out early for my run and getting back home before most of the world is even awake, makes me feel if I have achieved something.  My morning run is also when I plan the rest of my day and I think I am more productive as a result of running early in the morning…having said that the wife might not agree 😂.

I enjoy running in the heat as long as you allow for the conditions, just slow things down slightly, which unfortunately I don’t have a problem with these days,

Below are pictures I took on my morning run again around the bridleways of North Suffolk.

Keep on running Suffolk!

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