Exercise takes me from sad to ‘Whoop Whooping’!
August 10, 2020
Back of running lady with words Running makes worries disappear



Although lockdown restrictions have begun to ease we are all still living in a very different world!

I’m sure all of you have experienced days when you have struggled to cope, and I know for me the most difficult thing to accept is not having seen my mum for 5 months and the uncertainty of when or if I will see her again.

Without a doubt, I have really had to dig deep at times to keep myself positive and not sink into depression. The biggest factor that has helped me is that I have made sure I have exercised every single day.

There is nothing like getting that ‘buzz’ from the endorphins that pump around my body after a long run…it takes me from feeling sad to WHOOP WHOOPING around the house with a big smile on my face 😀😀

During the lockdown, I’ve been baking more and I do have to remind myself that exercise does NOT include frequent sprints to the fridge to grab another slice of cake! I made the conscious choice at the beginning of lockdown to get FITTER not fatter!

The last blog I wrote, I was chuffed to bits to say that Baz and I had run 33 miles in a week. We both knew that we needed the challenge to keep us focused so we both signed up for LEJOG. Ha Ha, no it’s not a fancy new running term, but the challenge of a ‘VIRTUAL RUN’ from Lands End to John O Groats…all 874 miles 😱 🏃‍♀️🏃

We are now 17 days into the challenge (you have a year to complete it so it is suitable for beginners/walkers too) and I am astounded to say we have already covered 124 miles, including 56 in the first week!

Baz and I have never done a virtual run before but this is perfect as it keeps us motivated and each evening we input our mileage and we are shown as a virtual runner and our exact position on the map. (I must say I’m glad that we have finally left the traffic behind on the A30 😂 )

There is a Facebook page for everyone who has joined the challenge and it’s great to give support to fellow runners. EVERYONE is so encouraging whether you are a 6-minute miler or someone just starting their fitness journey.

I’m not suggesting you all sign up for an 874-mile event but there are many virtual runs advertised which allow you to exercise whilst enjoying the support of others but avoiding the crowds that traditional events attract .

If my blog just inspires one more person to put on a pair of trainers and take those first tentative steps to a fitter, healthier lifestyle I will be a very happy girly. 😀

WHOOP WHOOP…go out there and believe in yourself! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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