If you don’t keep moving – you rust!
April 14, 2021
Norman Kelly and Norman Gregory

Guest Blog – The Cockfield Normans

Well it was an eventful March for The Cockfield Normans, as we’re affectionaltely known, and we’ve loved being ambassadors for the Ride It Out Campaign.

We are still recording our daily mileage on the Love to Ride website and Norman Gregory is a proud member of the Royal Academy of Octogenarian Cyclists (their oldest member).

We were surprised and delighted to be asked to be the Ambassadors of the Love to Ride Suffolk and Ride it Out campaign in March 2021. Norman Gregory, 99, WW2 veteran & Legion d’Honneur has always been a keen cyclist and is a well-known Cockfield personality. Norman passionately believes that keeping moving is essential, especially as you get older.

The frequent adage is “if you don’t keep moving, you rust”.

This sentiment now has worldwide coverage through both media coverage and the Royal Academy of Octogenarian Cyclists.

As cycling is great all round exercise and can be enjoyed by all ages and all levels of fitness, there is no argument not to ‘get on your bike’ –  as Norman has recommended to all who will listen.

Start slowly, just a few miles at first, invest in cycling shorts that can be worn under shorts or trousers/leggings. Build up the mileage over a few weeks and choose routes that allow you to see the countryside and wildlife. The great thing about cycling for pleasure is that you can go at your own pace, stop and admire or chat from time to time. Where possible plan your route to pass by a coffee shop (or other refreshment location) and also plan so that you cycle down the hillier bits (that do occur in Suffolk) and climb up the gentler inclines.

Following these suggestions the Cockfield Normans assure you that you will find the experience both enjoyable and rewarding. After an hour or so cycling in glorious Suffolk, you have separated your concerns into what needs addressing now and what can wait or even have evaporated. Travelling alone always means that you can talk to a decent person and they can respond helpfully.


Find out more about Love to Ride and register on their website.

Cycling is good for our physical and mental health


Helps you connect with others, meeting people as you explore the county or joining a cycling club.


Cherish some alone time, uninterupted head space and you’ll find great ideas come from the saddle.


Set yourself small, achievable goals with how far you cycle and feel good about each one.

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