Mum who battled depression uses exercise to ‘help keep mind busy’
April 25, 2020

The article in today’s East Anglian Daily Times (25  April) is a great example of how exercise can benefit our mental health and wellbeing.

They caught up with Sam Bull and her lovely family, husband Dave and her two boys, Georgie, aged 6 and Jesse, aged 4, boys, who have been exercising together during the lockdown.

Sam, 34, from Long Melford, was diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety disorder in 2017, a year after giving birth to her youngest son Jesse, and the full-time mum is doing as much exercise as she can to help “keep her mind busy” after years of struggling with her mental health, and wants to drum the importance of keeping active into her two children.

Read the full article about Sam and her family on the East Anglian Daily Times website.

Sam, Georgie & Jesse

Sam, Dave, Georgie and Jesse

Georgie and Jesse doing PE with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks

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