Running allows you to enjoy nature at its best
May 7, 2020


Ever since we went into lockdown, some 5 weeks ago, it seems an army of new runners/families have decided to lace up their trainers and get out and explore the great outdoors, and at this time of year, nature is at its best!

On my daily runs, I have noticed lots of new faces, young & old, different shapes and sizes and levels of fitness but that does not matter – the fact that you are out there is what is important!

Personally, my reasons for running now have taken on a whole new meaning; gone are the hazy days of trying to beat the clock every time I laced up my trainers, it’s now about running for my health and wellbeing.

Running makes me happy and puts me in a good place.

I have never finished a run and regretted it but as my old coach used to say “the hardest step is the first step out of the front door.”

Hence I would like to share/showcase some of my images taken whilst running around the stunning countryside of North Suffolk. We are so fortunate to live where we do.

The pictures below were taken while on my usual morning jog, which is a mixture of bridleways surrounded by rolling green fields, you could be anywhere in the world…now that is good for the soul!

Enjoy your running everyone and stay safe!

Paul Evans (pictured above)

Double Olympian, Paul Evans is one of our Keep Moving Suffolk campaign champions – read more about Paul.

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