Top tips for cycling in winter
December 1, 2021
lady biking in heavy snow

Don’t let Winter stop you getting out on your bike – grab your warm clothes and get out and enjoy a dose of fresh air and fun in December!

Here are some of our top tips for getting back into the swing of things this winter:

Keep your bike in good condition – make sure you check it over before every ride to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Ensure your lights work – during winter days are shorter and therefore morning and evenings are darker. Before you set off, make sure your lights are fully working so that drivers can see you on the road. Better still, take a spare set of batteries on every ride. It is also advisable to wear reflective clothing.

Wear a helmet – in the winter roads are susceptible to being more dangerous and slippery. Protect your head while you are cycling and make sure you are wearing a helmet.

Wear a hat and gloves – you lose a lot of heat from your head so wearing a hat enables you to keep warm. Wearing gloves also stops your hands from getting so cold you can’t use your brakes.

Keep your feet warm and dry – make sure you wear thick socks and waterproof shoes as there is nothing worse than not being able to feel your toes!

Be prepared – unfortunately, bad weather means you are more likely to get a puncture. Make sure you have a puncture repair kit or new tubes and a working pump, so you can fix your tyres if needed. Before you set off, make sure you have told someone your route and how long you plan on being out for.

Warm up – it might take a while for your muscles and joints to warm up properly so don’t start with a sprint. Ease into your cycle ride and gradually speed up – but be careful not to go too fast if it is wet and slippery.

Stay hydrated – in the winter it may not be obvious that you are sweating under all of the layers you are wearing, but this happens when cycling at any temperature. So, take some fluid with you to keep hydrated on your ride. You could even plan a stop at a café, pub or restaurant to make sure you completely refuel.

For more safety tips on cycling while out and about with your family, Suffolk Roadsafe is offering free cycling safety sessions for families who want to cycle more regularly.

If you’re looking for challenges and incentives to stay motivated and get out on your bike why not sign up for to Love to Ride Suffolk and take part in Winter Wheelers this December?

There are great prizes to be won, so why not get out for a dose of fresh air and fun and you could even win a brand new bike on Christmas Day.

For full details and to register visit .

If you need some inspiration or a new route to cycle, The Way To Go Suffolk has maps of Suffolk towns available to download with suggested cycling routes.

Beccles route map

The Way To Go Suffolk

Discover and download new routes across Suffolk.

Winter Wheelers calender

Sign up for Winter Wheelers

It’s free and you could win prizes throughout December.

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