Understanding the road to COVID-19 recovery
June 24, 2020


This is a great read and well worth watching their animation. Link to their site is within the article.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has developed some advice and guidance to help and reassure Covid-19 patients during their recovery and rehabilitation.

As physiotherapy staff and other healthcare workers continue to learn about Covid-19 and its implications, it’s becoming clear that there are many ways for people to help themselves on the road to recovery.

This animation ‘Covid-19: The road to recovery’ illustrates what people can expect when recovering from Covid-19; reassuring them that it may take time to get their energy and fitness back. It also provides advice on simple measures that anyone can take to ensure the best recovery possible; like keeping active and partaking in low-intensity exercise.

Becca Knowles, Chair of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s East of England Regional Network, said:

“Physiotherapy staff are finding that people may be feeling concerned about losing their physical fitness following Covid-19. Using this animation the CSP wants to reassure those recovering from Covid-19 that they’re not alone on this journey. The animation’s advice about rest and physical activity can set them on the best possible path to recovery.”

If you have concerns about your recovery from COVID-19 you must seek the advice of a Chartered Physiotherapist, GP or other Health Professional, who can provide bespoke advice and support.

For more information about Covid-19 recovery from the CSP, visit their website. www.csp.org.uk/recovery

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