What does BLOB stand for?
May 28, 2020


Well, that’s ten weeks of lockdown done!


Trouble is I’ve just realised that Baz’ Lockdown Outside Bury is the acronym BLOB.

Fortunately, despite Bridget cooking fantastic meals and baking, neither of us have actually turned into one.

It’s certainly easier to deal with the lockdown with nicer weather and also the easing of restrictions on exercise. As Bridget is shielding it’s easier for me as I can go out running, walking our dogs and exploring the many footpaths around our village.

It’s important though to support each other during these difficult times and with last week being Mental Health Awareness Week, the value of exercise cannot be underestimated.

It’s always important for us to have a goal each day.

Bridget and I have been doing shuttle runs up and down the garden, press-ups on the garden bench and running with watering cans to water our new plants, all with the goal of 10000 steps every day.

It doesn’t cost much if anything to do these things, we are outside breathing cleaner air and getting moving.

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, many times in the past we would get home from a stressful workday and go out and exercise and feel much better afterwards.

Be kind to yourself and each other and this world can be a much nicer place.

Stay safe, and keep moving Suffolk!

Bridget and Baz on one of their much loved runs

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