Whoop whoop – I have survived 14 weeks of lockdown
July 16, 2020
Lady running in field



For me, as someone at high risk I still have to self isolate until the end of this month…so it’s not over yet!

I’m not going to pretend the past 100 days or so have been easy for me because they haven’t, but I truly believe that I wouldn’t have coped so well if I hadn’t kept myself active.

I know that when I have felt least like running that these are the MOST IMPORTANT days for me to exercise.

There is no doubt about it that we have all suffered from stress and anxieties during lockdown – but one thing is for sure, putting on my running shoes and getting my backside out of the door has got those endorphins (feel-good factors) pumping round my body.

As a result, my worries and mood have quickly lifted and left me feeling happier and calmer and able once again to feel positive so I hear myself  ‘whoop whooping’ my achievements!

Then I go home to a lovely hot shower, putting my brightest lipstick on and suddenly feeling back to ‘my old self’ ready to conquer the world 😃 😃

Whoop whoop – what a fabulous feeling, I love it and you should try it 😉  😉

Over these 14 weeks, we have found it important to set ourselves little challenges to keep us motivated and I’m very fortunate that Baz and I encourage each other to rise to the challenge! So we have gradually been increasing our runs and I’m so, so proud and excited to say that during the last week we both ran a total of 55k (33 miles)


We’re not going to pretend to win any medals for speed, but when you consider I am a 60 year old transplant recipient and Baz is 68 years old with heart problems – I think we have every right to feel pretty chuffed with ourselves!

Having both been running coaches for over 20 years, we do know how to pace ourselves and we ensure that we do lots of different routes, (mainly over the fields as it’s kinder on your joints than the tarmac) lots of different distances, (easier 5K days and more challenging 14Ks).

We are never tempted to push our bodies too hard – our running pace consists of SLOW, SLOWER or TORTOISE PACE!

But you know it DOES save those legs getting sore and if you push your body too hard it WILL react by getting niggling injuries…so just learn to run within yourself and enjoy feeling fitter and happier like me and Baz.

Happy Running everyone and keep safe 🌈)

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