Whoop Whoop – Let’s jump start into 2021
January 5, 2021



In July we started a virtual LEJOG Run (Lands End to John O’Groats)
This morning, 874 miles later, we finished it!

We didn’t run every day as Baz and I both understand the importance of REST DAYS too, but WOW…to run the equivalent mileage of over 33 marathons in 170 days was an achievement for us both to feel proud of…not bad for two ‘oldies’ eh?

Whilst we are chuffed to bits to have completed this challenge we know that 2020 has not been an easy year for any of us. We are all different so don’t feel bad if you didn’t run the marathon you were planning or reach your fitness goals. You are all still here,  and that’s taken grit and determination & it’s what matters most.

As we are currently in Lockdown 3, it seems that we are all in for a tough start to the year…a time when it’s so important to keep our mental health strong, keep stress to the minimum and feel at our fittest and healthiest to give ourselves the best chance of coping right now.

We’ve always known the positive impact that exercise has on the mind so let’s GET OUT into the fresh air and JUMP START INTO 2021!

How can you MOTIVATE yourself?

Well little things can make a big difference.

As running coaches we recognise that the biggest factor that stops people exercising is their own self doubts.


Give yourself a ‘WHOOP WHOOP’ out loud and keep telling yourself – I CAN DO THIS 😁😁

You WILL feel better by doing something positive for yourself.

First things first – SMILE (it’s very hard not to enjoy yourself when you’ve got a huge grin on your face.

Second – Put your trainers on and get your bottom out of the door…’whoop whoop’.

That’s it, BRILLIANT the hardest bit has already been done. WELL DONE!

Start off by walking and gradually build in short periods of running as your confidence grows.

Please remember the TALK TEST! If you haven’t got the breath to talk you are going too fast, which in turn will quickly tire you and you will lose interest and may give up. Don’t put pressure on yourself by worrying about how fast or how long, every step you take is a step towards better health.

As the weeks progress, increase the running segments and reduce the walking and you will soon find you are feeling fitter, culminating in the reward of feeling fitter and stronger in body AND a happier, healthier mind ☺️

Lastly, Baz and I always say that exercise has got to be SAFE and it’s got to be FUN, so if either of those factors are missing it’s time to stop .

With this in mind please be mindful of the need to SOCIALLY DISTANCE if you are exercising with others to keep our county safe.

From Baz and I, we wish you a Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2021 is happier and healthier for us all.


Bridge and Baz xx

(photo is of Baz and I after finishing our 874 mile LEJOG challenge)

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